Welvie My Life Letters℠
The simple way to plan, document and communicate your health care decisions to loved ones.
What would happen if you had a health condition that required important medical decisions — and you weren't able to speak for yourself? Would your doctors and loved ones know what care you would want, or not want?

Welvie My Life Letters is advance care planning, packaged in an easy-to-understand, simple-to-complete program.
In six steps, participants are guided through a series of questions to help them think about the types of medical choices they might face someday. The program captures values and beliefs, as well as preferences for care in a variety of medical scenarios.
Based on participant responses, My Life Letters creates personalized letters documenting their medical care wishes that they can send to family, doctors — everyone who needs to know.

Additionally, the program explains the importance and role of a health care proxy and allows participants to create a legal advance directive.
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